Some weekends are just better than others. I travel a lot and when I get that rare opportunity to meet so many of my friends at once I really cherish it. The Swedish midsummer is one of those occasions. Every year we meet up at my place and have a lovely time together.

This spring I’ve worked really hard at getting my summer place in the Stockholm archipelago ready. I had this vision in my mind that even if I or my friends moved from Stockholm we could always meet up here, especially for midsummer. The Stockholm archipelago is a stunning place during summer and I wanted the place to match it. Gladly, almost all the pieces have come together and I was quite proud when my friends seemed to enjoy the upgrades!

The new house and terrace were luckily finished right on time, otherwise we couldn’t fit everybody in since there were 25 of us! I didn’t expect so many to come but I’m so glad they all did! That also meant that I became the taxi boat driver but it’s always lovely to feel the waves underneath you, I don’t mind making four trips!

Preparations for the festivities began immediately once everyone was settled, the place was filled with activity and energy. We just had to make our own maypole but since we were out of a wooden pole, the flagpole had to make due. We were quite happy with the result! The most important part of the maypole isn’t the pole itself, it’s the singing and dancing. I took the guitar and everybody gathered around the pole, except Wiberg of course. He had spotted my other guitar and went in to get it. He always finds a way of dodging the things he doesn’t want to do. He provided some nice backing vocals and chords though.

After dancing comes dining and the table was set with all the traditional dishes. The singing continued with our Swedish ”snapsvisor” and the hours flew away. I sneaked out to start the hot tub on the terrace and a couple of hours later we still sang our hearts out in the hot water under the setting sun. What a lovely day!

Midsummers day is perhaps my favorite day of the year. It seems like everyone becomes more relaxed than usual and we spend the day playing our very own grass tennis tournament, quizzing or doing nothing at all. It’s a lovely feeling seeing my friends chilling, getting lost in conversation or preparing a midsummer drink. The place is just filled with love! The sun came much sooner than we anticipated and stayed all day so after a really nice dinner with Lebanese food cooked by Elias we all (well, almost all, one more and we would have sunk!) took the raft out for a little spin and watched the sunset together. Perfect end for a perfect day.

Sunday came, sadly, and it was time to part ways for now. As always after a weekend like this, it’s mixed emotions. On one hand I like the quiet at my place when nobody’s there, one the other hand I miss them the second they’re gone. But that’s the beauty of traditions and friends. They will always be there; they will always make sure that there will be another dreamy midsummer.

The embodiment of our midsummer weekend. Love.
Thanks to everybody for coming and @metropolis for the lovely pictures!

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