So filming has finally begun and we’ve had a wonderful time shooting one of our episodes in Skåne. Since it’s Friday and it’s all about the vibes we give you the top ten pictures from behind-the-scenes from the first days of shooting season 2! 

10. Örat asking questions in his and Måns’s hometown Lund

9. Our car. Too much?

8. Wiberg in his vintage tennis clothes from Ralph Lauren

7. No hard feelings after the game. Or was it?

6. Make-up and sound for Måns

5. Director/producer Robin Ehlde instructing the duo. Why so serious?

4. Those eyes single handedly ate the apple!

3. Wiberg joined in. He has much to learn, he single handedly blurred the image!

2. Tasting apples is more fun than collecting them!

1. Perhaps not!



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