Paris, the city of romance and love. I’ve been lucky enough to come here many times and every time I leave I’m thinking about the next time I’ll be back. Whether you are traveling here with your loved one, your family or your friends, the city always makes you feel welcome.

Over the rooftops you can feel the city’s pulse. The buzz, the cars and the big city noise. We stayed in a stunning but spartan penthouse with bright, lovely windows and a cozy little roof terrace. Here we should be happy. Felix and I brotherly shared the windshield, whilst Wiberg as usual stole the best bedroom. He is most often chivalrous in his demeanor, but in terms of comfort he can suddenly put that side to rest.

The view from the open window

Another view from the open window

By the way, did you know that Wiberg is terribly afraid of flying? I mean extremely scared. It was only when he met Felix and me that he began exploring the world again and that is something we are very happy about, even though you have to act like an attendant at the airport . However, the last hour of the flight went very well. Wiberg, as always, told the air-hostess about his fear, and suddenly we had three bottles of champagne at our seats. Mixed with a couple of single malts, the fear was gone with the wind. Therefore, we could already feel the warmth of Paris inside us when we landed!


Thursday offered magnificent weather and thirty degrees. We went to Roland Garros to see our good friend Marin Cilic play the clay tennis of his life. Jonas Björkman, with whom I have the ZB Foundation, is his coach and we met up with him in the evening at beautiful Hotel Costes. Escargots are ordered, at last! The hours fly away alongside our dear friends Chablis and Pinot Noir. It’s always exciting to hear about life on the tennis tour, but even better to sit in the good company of long lost friends and enjoy a delicious dinner.

During dinner at Hotel Costes

After dinner at Hotel Costes


After having a long wine lunch on Friday and visiting La Maison du Whiskey, it’s time for dinner at home. Felix, of course, picked up the groceries whilst Wiberg was more interested in tasting the whiskey bought at LMDW. I myself take a little power nap. Cannot understand those who don’t. I wake up, walk towards the open window and look out over the city in the evening sun. Magnificent! Somehow, Felix manages the grill and the excessive flames. This will be one hell of a night on our roof terrace in Paris. How often do you actually have the opportunity to sit down with your closest friends and talk the night through? The conversation is great and the declarations of love are flying all over the place! Our Glenmorangie Nectar D’or is a nice avec to the coffee in a night we never want to end.

Long wine lunches are the best

Paris, je t’aime!

The head chef, Felix

Brotherly love

Dinner talks

A glass of Pinot noir in the evening sun

Brotherly love 2


Saturday. The last full day. We wake up, quite worn out, but ready for Roland Garros once more. Once there, I’ll make a little surprise for the boys so they’ll wake up. We watch Cilic destroy Lopez and then it’s time for a little taste of Möet! Ah, a dear old friend! Now we’re ready for the evening! This time I cannot take my power nap because Wiberg doesn’t understand the necessity for silence. Instead he sits on the couch and plays loud music in the company of the same Glenmorangie. How come he doesn’t understand the importance of power napping? I give him the puppy eyes. He turns the volume up. Shame on you, Wiberg!

Lopez vs. Cilic

Tired boys, but oh so happy!

A complex relationship

In Cilic’s box

We go to a nice little restaurant a few blocks away from our apartment, and there we have a lovely dinner. I think it’s fair to say that in most cases, we Swedes are quite quiet and timid, but maybe we are a little too heated up this evening. We start talking abour our relationships with one another, and not in a timid way. There are a lot of ”steppin’ on each others toes”.  All of a sudden we are the last customers and everything is silent. Is this our fault? No, it’s in the middle of the night! Paris makes time fly by, and Paris makes one want to talk about love, feelings and relationships. Love that city. The next day, everything is forgiven.


Sadly, Sunday comes, and it’s time to go home. How can four days pass that quickly? I know I’ll be back soon though, but I’m gonna miss the city. I’m gonna miss the apartment, the tennis, the food, the wine, our harsh but loving talks. And finally, I’m gonna miss that open window.



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