The inaugural tennis tournament Laver Cup was nothing but a huge success in every aspect. High quality tennis with instant classics, sold out sessions every day and fully committed players and audince created an unbelievable atmosphere that truly celebrated the game of tennis and The Rocket – Rod Laver – himself. Amidst them all stod Måns and performed the opening and closing ceremony.

It was a fairy tale come true for Roger Federer. Him and his team were the people behind the Laver Cup in which Team Europe and Team World battled for The Laver Trophy last weekend in Prague. I must admit, despite being a huge tennis fan, that I didn’t fully understand the magnitude of the tournament. Nor did anybody before, for that matter. Also, I had no idea that Måns was there, much less that he had gotten the honour to perform both the opening and closing ceremony. How did I find out? A message from Måns with a picture, here´s the conversation in full:

Måns: You should’ve been here.
Wiberg: Yeah. Where’s the invite?
Måns: Haha!
Wiberg: What’s so funny? You never invite me to anything.
Måns: Hahaha! We’ll go to Chicago next year and watch the next one.
Wiberg: Once Roger has quit…
Måns: People have been saying that for four years now.
Wiberg: I’m pissed at you right now. Edit: I’m not really pissed. My heart just aches.
Måns: If I had known how big this was, I would have invited you.
Wiberg: That’s a comfort. Amazing that you’re performing later, have a blast!

Such an honour getting to open the first ever #lavercup !! What a setting!! #prague

Ett inlägg delat av Måns Zelmerlöw (@manszelmerlow)

Måns told me afterwards that when he was performing Glorious during the award ceremony Sunday night (he opened with Heroes on Friday) it was goosebumps all over. Mr. Bjorn Borg and our friend Marin Cilic gave him a hug with Federer, Nadal, Berdych, Thiem, Zverev and Enquist close by. No, I’m not bitter, not at all…

Anyways, we thought we should give you the chance to see Måns’s performances, in case you’ve missed them. I may be bitter, but mostly I am proud for getting the chance to work with such a pro and positive person! Good work, my friend!




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