It’s Friday. There’s a feeling in the air. Weekend comin’ up. Therefore we couldn’t resist posting some of the artwork from the magnificent @beinresehoin – a master of photoshopping!

Beinre Sehoin is a devoted fan of Chevaleresk and has come up with some very cool pictures of us in different situations. He seems to understand the spirit of Chevaleresk and certainly knows his Photoshop. We’ve had a blast following his account and seeing his creative work. So here you go, the best of Måns and Wiberg brought to you by Beinre Sehoin.

The Best of Måns and Wiberg


And finally, three previously unreleased pictures, courtesey of Beinre.




Ok, a final one. Previously unreleased as well. Have a lovely weekend everybody, and thank you so much Beinre!

All pictures from @beinresehoin

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